April 25, 2015


"-My favourite is Poseidon because he has to do with the soul and feelings of human beings. He is the God of the sea. I adore the sea. The waves bring me tranquility and they symbolize the ups and downs of the individual. After rough seas become calm again, there is serenity. At this moment, I am in a peaceful state of being.

-Was Poseidon your first favourite God, or did you…

-Yes. From the beginning. He called on me in the first dream to follow him on a trip to tranquility."

(From “I Still Worship Zeus”, directed by Jamil Said, 2004)

Ellen Ringstad≠Rasmus Hungnes
Kuklos – Border 1.5: Trident
Galleri Neptun
Valkendorfsgate 8

Vernissage Saturday April 25th 18:00
Open day and night until May 30th

Produced in collaboration with: VISP, Scandic Neptun, Sentrum Zoo



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