August 16, 2016

I've just shipped four paintings from the 'Lunar Cycles'-series and the first edition of 'Nine Circles' (a set of nine casted wax candles - from a total edition of 74) to the group exhibition Inferno, curated by Raul Zamudio at the Pristine Galerie in Monterrey, Mexico in August 2016. The candles will burn down throughout the exhibition.

May 27, 2016

One night only-group show, curated by Rasmus Hungnes and Josefine Lyche on March 1rst, 2016. Participating artists were "selected according to the twelve signs of the Zodiac by using divination techniques and different modes of Gnosis", on the occasion of the release of the contemporary art magazine KUNSTforum's latest issue 01/16 on 'Art and Spirituality.' I participated with two context-specific works. Photos fro the show can be seen here:!exhibition---kunstforum-12016-launch-at/c2e


April 4, 2016

Sometimes the realities of exhibition planning look very much like any other office job…

September 9, 2015


Article in (in Norwegian) about the exhibition 'Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together,' featuring a detail from my installation 'The Wind Failed to Follow the Predictions.'

Kunstkritikk is an online magazine that publishes 'online criticism, commentary and news from the art world' and is a 'permanent and substantial contribution to the Norwegian and Nordic art discussion'.

August 21, 2015

Article (in Norwegian) about upcoming exhibition 'Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together' in newspaper 'Klassekampen' 26.08.201.


August 14, 2015

Article (in Norwegian) about the upcoming exhibition 'Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together' 

NRK, 14.08.2015:



July 11, 2015


(in Norwegian) about the upcoming exhibition 'Nothing Will Grow Together Because Nothing Belongs Together' , curated by KURANT, Tromsø. Tickets for the opening happening September 5th are now available through this link. Included is a fare with the boat from Tromsø, entrance to the exhibition, entrance to the opening party- and a return ticket to Tromsø. There are only 300 avalible tickets so don´t waste any time!

August 25, 2013

FUTURE RUINS is an  exhibition displaying the work of 13 international artists, architects  and designers on the theme of Obsolescence and Inoperativity.

The event will take place in the silo space at Bergen Arkitekthøgskole  (BAS) from May 27th-31st, 2013, during Bergen Kommune’s Klimauke.

The exhibition will be open to the public daily from 16:00 – 20:00.

GRAND OPENING Monday May 27th starting at 18:00


*Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal (Bergen/BAS)* *Nicolas Barrette (Toronto/U of T)* *Andrew Bateman/Veronica Simmonds/Phanuel Antwi (Halifax)* *Samuel Carvalho (Berlin/raumlabor)* *Florian Goldmann (Berlin/UdK)* *Tarik Hindic (Bergen)* *Cressida Kocienski (London)* *Lasse Kilvaer (Oslo/Melbourne)* *Sybille Neumeyer (Stuttgart)* *Hidemi Nishida (Japan/Bergen)* *Ellen Ringstad (Bergen/KHIB)* *Dagmar Schurrer (Berlin)* *Håvard Tveito (Bergen/BAS)*



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