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I am happy to finally announce that my man Terje's upcoming album will be released this fall, after many years and studio hours in the making!

Aside from following the process from day one, I have co-written the lyrics and suggested the album title RECALIBRATE (a word I had written on a post it in my drafts archive, intended for a potential exhibition, but which I felt might suit his musical vision).

The first single is out Aug 4th on all major platforms and can be pre-saved on spotify here: The album was inspired by the Roman god Janus, representing beginnings, transitions and endings. The mythical two-headed character – who looks forward and towards the back – coincidentally informed Nello Del Omo's design for the cover art, without them having discussed specific imagery beforehand. To reappropriate these ancient ideas which have transcended time and space, and attach archetypical metaphors into our own lives, may reignite a creative spark to connect with the struggles of man not only across the ages, but also across cultures, borders - physical or imagined- in our common quest for a meaningful existence.

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