Kunstkritikk.no: 'Inn & Ut: Everything you do is a Balloon'

June 25, 2010

 Text written by Brasilian curator Daniela Castro for Kunstkritikk.no during her residency at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, published 25.06.10, featuring two of my paper sculptures from the 'Mitosis'-series.


Ellen Ringstad. Micromutant I. 2007. Paper, acrylic. 

Ellen Ringstad. Micromutant II. 2007. Paper, acrylic.

'Daniela Castro is a writer and curator based in São Paulo. A graduate in Art History from University of Toronto (2003/Canada). She is currently co-curating the 3rd Aichi Triennial (Japan), has co-curated with Jochen Volz The Spiral and the Square: exercises on translatability at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, which interchanged and travelled to Trondheim and Kristiansand, both in Norway (2011-12). Curated A Radically Condensed History of Post-Industrial Life LADO A/LADO B, an exhibition in LP format for the “Impossible Show” at El Spacio, Madrid, Spain (2010-11) and the TEMPORARY GALLERY in Köln, Germany (ongoing). Curated Lights Out, the inaugural exhibition at the Museum of Image and Sound – MIS (2008/São Paulo). Conceived and curated the Recombining Territories, an itinerant and interchanging exhibition that’s travelled seven capitals of Brazil (2006-2010). She’s been publishing widely in national and international art publications, and taught workshops on art writing and curatorial practices throughout Brazil. Published her first book, co-authored with Fabio Morais, titled ARTE E MUNDO APÓS A CRISE DAS UTOPIAS, assim mesmo, em CAIXA ALTA e sem notas de roda-pé (Florianópolis: Par(ent)esis Art Book Publisher, 2010).'(- http://capacete.org/?p=1388)


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