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Ellen Ringstad is a Portuguese-Norwegian artist venturing into her own monomyth somewhere in the woods, waters and mountains on the Norwegian west coast, safeguarded by her two parrot companions Galadriel and Aphrodite. 


She graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Fine arts department in 2012. Her works have been presented in various ruinous and neglected places - as above so below - on land and at sea. Notable sites include the discontinued Olavsvern submarine base, a World War bunker, and infinite monkey cages. 

Her performative multi-sensory installations include surplus materials and waste, living plants and animals. Through ritualistic transformations drawing parallels to alchemy and other occult philosophy, elements mutate into post-apocalyptic biotopes attempting to propel the dystopian imagination out of orbit, hopefully creating a dwelling for utopian consciousness.

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